Why Professional Photography Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

Standing Out From the Crowd With Compelling Visuals

If you want your small business to exist in the digital era, it almost certainly needs an online presence. If you want it to grow in the digital era, that presence needs to be exceptional.

Whether it’s a web page, social media feed, blog, or even something as simple as a Yelp listing, using professional photography has huge potential to increase consumer interest and to make your business stand out among competitors. Here’s why. Continue reading “Why Professional Photography Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge”

Why Your Portland Business Needs a Brand Style Guide…

… And How to Get Started (A Guidebook for Good Things to Come)

Portland, Oregon has some of the most forward-thinking and creative entrepreneurs in the country, and you can see this clearly represented by exceptional branding and graphic design across PDX businesses of all sizes. You’re never too small for great branding, and there’s nowhere that this is more evident than here in Portland.

In fact, the sooner that you can get your visual branding elements where you need them to be (such that they resonate with your vision for the brand and its values), the further along you’ll be on your journey to manifesting your brand into the successful and influential organization that you’ve been dreaming of. But it all starts with one very important step. Continue reading “Why Your Portland Business Needs a Brand Style Guide…”

5 Tips to Take Your PDX Business’s Instagram Feed to the Next Level

Capturing Your Brand’s Story, One Square at a Time

There are few platforms that can grow an organic audience as quickly and effectively as Instagram. Everyday, hundreds of millions of users log into Instagram and actively search for new content to consume. Putting your brand’s content within reach is the first step toward getting those users engaged, and fostering relationships that result in new leads, customers, and/or clients.

The vast majority of small business owners (especially here in Portland) fully understand the marketing potential of a killer Instagram feed. The problem is that unless you live and breathe photography and social media, it will be difficult to compete with those who do. Continue reading “5 Tips to Take Your PDX Business’s Instagram Feed to the Next Level”

How to Get Important Blog Updates Into Google News

Feeding the News Beast (and Why You Need to Do It)

Your blog is a major part of your business; it attracts and keeps followers, gives your customers information and immediate updates about your products, and serves as a social media stream for your customers. For this reason, it is necessary to get important blog updates into Google News, which is meant to keep the world updated on current events.

On one side, Google News is primarily a news source, meant to promote quality journalism. On the other side, your blog should probably do more than just promote your products. So why not use it to offer your customers valuable information about things going on in your industry, and other news that pertains to your business? With that in mind, here are a few things Google News may help you with. Continue reading “How to Get Important Blog Updates Into Google News”

10 Novel Ways to Generate Blog Content Easily

Congratulations! Your Blog Is a Baby Boy!

Having a blog is like having a baby – you have to watch over it, feed it, and monitor its needs. Feeding your blog baby means generating interesting and relevant content fairly frequently, which can be downright exhausting.

Of course, you could hire a babysitter, or you could try any one of these ten ways to generate your blog content easily. And you won’t have to buy a baby monitor at all! Read on for some super creative ways to maximize the ease with which you get those corporate blog posts up and out into the world, representing your brand and extending your business’s message. Continue reading “10 Novel Ways to Generate Blog Content Easily”