Feeding the News Beast (and Why You Need to Do It)

Your blog is a major part of your business; it attracts and keeps followers, gives your customers information and immediate updates about your products, and serves as a social media stream for your customers. For this reason, it is necessary to get important blog updates into Google News, which is meant to keep the world updated on current events.

On one side, Google News is primarily a news source, meant to promote quality journalism. On the other side, your blog should probably do more than just promote your products. So why not use it to offer your customers valuable information about things going on in your industry, and other news that pertains to your business? With that in mind, here are a few things Google News may help you with.

Get Your Blogs Circulated

By updating your blog regularly, you are also updating your customers. Google News is one of the largest and most often utilized news sites on the Internet. Because of this, if your blog articles are present and visible on Google News, they are likely to achieve much higher traffic than if they weren’t.

Get As Much Traffic As You Can

Google News helps your blogs push traffic back to your website(s), and increases your visibility on the Internet. This has much to do with how you title your articles, of course, as well as the substance of the material you publish on your site.

Establish Your Brand

The traffic count is not the only thing that matters, however – pushing your blogs on Google News also helps you establish your brand by increasing reader familiarity with your business’s logo, mission, and products.

Establish your brand more firmly by becoming one of the authorities on your topic in the blogosphere. By pushing your blog onto Google News, you will also begin to rank as an authority on that site, which will increase your traffic and customers. If you’re lucky.

Step-by-Step Breakdown for How to Get Your Blog(s) Onto Google News:

  1. Ensure your site is technically sound and adheres to Google’s standards.
  2. Make sure your website maintains accountability: provide names, bios, and email addresses of the website founder and writers to help establish integrity.
  3. Make sure your content adheres to Google News standards; it is a site for news, not blogs.
  4. Publish original content. Google looks for content that is unique and fresh, not a copy of other websites. Make sure you are writing for users, not for search engines.
  5. Establish brand guidelines. Make sure you know what you want to project onto the World Wide Web. This includes making sure the tone of your articles, as well as your overall website, adheres to your brand identity as a whole.
  6. Publish articles that are on the longer side, around 700-800 words. Try to use article titles that are unique compared to other sites.
  7. Generate multiple news articles a day, using multiple writers. Google News looks for established companies, platforms, and websites. Usually this means there are a variety of authors.
  8. “Write what you know” definitely applies here. If you write with authority, your content will come across as unique and will ultimately reinforce your brand.

Google News is an important tool for businesses. It boosts your traffic and introduces new readers to your site. Most importantly, it can establish your site as an informative, useful, and a trustworthy source, regardless of your niche.

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