Congratulations! Your Blog Is a Baby Boy!

Having a blog is like having a baby – you have to watch over it, feed it, and monitor its needs. Feeding your blog baby means generating interesting and relevant content fairly frequently, which can be downright exhausting.

Of course, you could hire a babysitter, or you could try any one of these ten ways to generate your blog content easily. And you won’t have to buy a baby monitor at all! Read on for some super creative ways to maximize the ease with which you get those corporate blog posts up and out into the world, representing your brand and extending your business’s message.

1. Look around you!

Maybe you need to get out of the office, or your regular coffee shop, and take a walk. A brief half hour hiatus from the daily grind might be necessary. Notice the world around you, and perhaps how it might relate to your company, brand, or products.

2. Utilize current events!

Scan some headlines before getting down to work, there might be an article on the new grizzly-polar bear hybrid (the “pizzly”) that might inspire you, or a photo essay on Jamaica that sparks your synapses in ways that making just another flow chart does not.

3. Start more series posts!

A great way to create content that is multifaceted and interesting is to create a series that is broad enough in scope and narrow enough in topic to sustain interest. For a travel blog, this might mean creating a series of posts centering on morning routines in different countries. If your blog is media-centered, perhaps you could focus on blog prompts!

4. Address new topics/introduce new themes!

Sometimes our niche blogs start out adorable and end up stale, like day-old French bread. The carefully curated fashion blog could also feature dogs up for adoption, and the website for aquarium enthusiasts could run posts about how to introduce more fish to social media.

5. Invite guest posters to contribute!

Sometimes what you really need is a fresh voice for your website. If you are lucky enough to have friends who are excellent writers, or who have very specific knowledge and expertise in Egyptian pyramids or social media tools, ask them for help! I’m sure for the price of a cup of coffee or twelve, they would be happy to help!

6. Use Google Analytics queries!

You can use the “Queries” section of Google Analytics (found underneath the “Acquisitions” tab) to view what kind of searches are leading people to your website. By knowing what kind of content generates the most interest, you can use this information to conquer your enemies! You can do this by generating more similar content, or by playing devil’s advocate and trying a new approach.

7. Utilize your social media audience!

What do your followers talk about on their own social media feeds? What topics are they interested in, and why? Start conversations with them and see what they say. Your audience is your best customer, and the customer is always right!

8. Share a personal experience!

If the tone of your blog is achingly formal, perhaps try to weave in a personal anecdote or two. This will let readers know that you are an actual person behind the screen, and will create an easier avenue for connection. People like connecting with people, not robotic content generators.

9. Reevaluate your keywords!

You may have a trusty regiment of keywords that you can use whenever you need them. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your keywords, and come up with new ones. You could also retire ones that are attracting less traffic and figure out new ways to say the same thing. Use a tool like Longtail Pro to find the long tail version of your keywords, too!

10. Sleep on it!

Write down possible content ideas on a piece of paper before you go to sleep, and tell your brain to come up with some more while you are sleeping. This may sound facile, but sleeping on it really does work sometimes. It can help you tap into the more creative side of your headspace, and might produce some surprising results!


Hopefully you have found something in this list that works for you. If all else fails, just remember that you can sell all of your possessions, including your website domain name, and move to a remote area such as the mountain ranges of Peru, and befriend some alpacas. That would make for an interesting blog! Hmm…

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Published by Matty Byloos

Matty Byloos is the founder of NOVEL Creative Agency. Fiction writer, editor, content development specialist, lover of the written word and more, Byloos has worked in SEO and web development since 2006. He's written about every kind of subject under the sun, for clients both large and small. Together with his partner Carrie Seitzinger, he publishes NAILED Magazine from Portland.

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