How to Properly Optimize Your Article Titles.

Strong article titles generate traffic; it’s that simple. Long-term traffic from the search engines, short-term traffic from link bait articles with juicy headlines – great article titles with your keywords included will bring in visitors. Part of this is the obvious take that comes from the world of journalism — you have to have a great headline in order to grab hold of your readers.

They want a striking title that takes their hand and leads them to your content. Another part of this is the hungry, focused search engine spiders. They crawl your site looking for informative material, and make decisions based on how your content matches up with what the title tells them will be on that page.

Here are some things to consider when optimizing your article titles for SEO:

+ Include at least one strong keyword phrase as close to the beginning as possible
+ Don’t focus too much on a “catchy” title
+ Remove extraneous words or phrases (excess pronouns or articles, for example)
+ Put yourself in the position of the end user, and imagine the title the way a person searching for something in Google would phrase their search query
+ Create articles and article titles that vie for high placement in the SERPs for both long-tail and short-tail keyword phrases.
+ Focus on specific phrases that exist within the body of the article: ask yourself, What is the subject of this article, in a single phrase?

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Published by Matty Byloos

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