Why Do I Need to Grow My Google+ Followers?

In this day and age, social media platforms are a must — that’s not news. Within the new marketing landscape, Google+ has become one of the more essential platforms to utilize, especially for a business. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple: because it’s a part of Google and Google is a major search engine, with near-total control over what businesses show up in the SERPs. Keeping that logic in mind, a better Business Google+ page will likely help brands to rank better in search results — at the very least, their brand page on Google+ will rank!

Since Google+ is basically still Google, the activity of your business’s page will directly affect your search results. This means that every +1, comment, share, and review will carry a lot of weight with your site’s relevancy. Even if your time on Google+ has felt a lot like yelling into a deep, empty canyon, spending some time on the platform still matters — but how much is anyone’s exact guess.

So how do you generate some healthy, productive interaction on Google Plus? Here are a few tips to creating more activity on your Google+ page.

Make Yourself More Visible on Google Plus

If no one knows you’re on Google+, then your page won’t grow. Make yourself visible — the easiest way is to start by connecting your website with your business page. This also makes it easy for people to find you and to connect. Just include the little social icon in the header or footer of your website, together with the rest of your social links, and be sure to include the Google+ platform in whatever social sharing plugin you use for your blog posts.

If you are using different social platforms, make sure they are all connected, and if you are on other Google platforms (like YouTube or Gmail), use the same Google account. This helps to increase the trust that clients and the search engine places in your sites.

Interact! Remember, This Is Social Media

One of the biggest problems is that too often, people will post to their business’s page—and let it sit idle, hoping for people to +1, comment, share, etc. But there has to be some interaction built into your efforts, or your time is basically being wasted.

Post on your site, but then share it on your other platforms to increase its visibility. Others will see it and then respond to it. Social media is about constant communication, so keep the flow going. And the more activity your page has, the better your page will rank in the search results.

Similarly, interacting with followers and other business pages will help you a great deal. “Human to human” is the preferred mentality to have, so if someone follows you, engage them in conversation. Ask them a question after they follow you: not only does this help bring a personal presence to your brand’s page, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the people interested in your business, and makes them more likely to share information about you with others.

Start by Building Groups on Google+

Communication is always the key, so when you get followers or follow others, immediately put them in circles. That way, you can target your posts and shared content to specific users who will care the most.

By the same token, make sure to spend some time becoming a part of other communities, and get in on their conversations. Communities are built around shared interests, so by joining groups, you will find colleagues and like-minded professionals who will be interested in your business. By following those businesses, you can potentially open up your page to acquiring more new followers.

Participating in quality discussions will not only help with your brand page’s visibility, but it will also help you rank better in the search results.

Stay Tuned to What’s Trending… And Get Involved

Like other social media platforms, Google+ has trending topics that come complete with hashtags that shouldn’t be missed.

By contributing to these conversations (or even better — by starting them!), you engage your public and increase your potential to make new friends. When posting, use one or two hashtags so that anyone looking under that specific thread will come across your post. Engagement is key, so always work to keep things relevant and interesting.

Be Present or Don’t Be on There at All!

Just showing up is most of the battle. If you don’t engage, your Business Google+ page won’t grow.

Follow these few tips and be creative with what you post, and your page will gain followers naturally. People want to interact and they want businesses they can depend on and relate to, so by taking a human approach to your posts and followers, you will not only grow followers, but also increase your search rank.

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Published by Matty Byloos

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