Velobar was created for a growing audience of nature-enthusiasts who are looking for a healthy, low-dose edible. Something that isn’t full of sugar, and isn’t going to get a person too high, so they can go outside and be active while enjoying a mild dose of cannabis. Velobar, The Healthy High MILD THC FORMULA 5mg THC/bar, is full of organic, healthy ingredients like almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds, and sweetened with dried fruit and brown rice syrup. Velobar is ideal for healthy outdoor activities like hiking or biking, low impact sports, enhanced body awareness for an elevated workout, and perfect for beginners or older customers who want to avoid an overpowering edibles experience—a healthy body high without the head-trip.


  • Develop key art, a logotype, and a color palette
  • Hone brand message and unify all visual design language
  • Create various sales and marketing materials for digital and print
  • Design and develop brand book
  • Create package design for multiple products, as well as POS display

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Our experience in working with NOVEL has been fantastic, and we would recommend them to other companies looking for dependable, talented creative partners who always meet a deadline with high quality work that meets or exceeds expectations. We found Novel to be a fantastic creative partner in working collaboratively with us to bring our design strategy to life.

Not only are they talented designers with a strong understanding of packaging and branding, but they also took the time to immerse themselves in the incredibly complex packaging and design rules that come with the territory in our highly-regulated industry. Throughout this process they demonstrated a deep understanding of our brand, and worked quickly and effectively with minimum turnaround time.