The principals behind PDX Pet Design, Jason and Tara O’Mara, are your stereotypical cat lovers — but they’re also fierce entrepreneurs and savvy, interesting small business owners. Combining their spirit of serving the cats of the world with the passionate support of their customers, they’ve been working to improve cat lifestyles by creating products that complement the essential elements of cat life: hunting, grooming, feeding, and napping. The company’s first Kickstarter campaign was outrageously successful, so expectations were high when NOVEL came on board.


  • Refine messaging and brand
  • Develop relevant, curious content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels
  • Publish ongoing material to all social channels
  • Redesign and build new website
  • Produce and direct promotional video for new product LICKI brush

The Numbers

  • Grew Instagram followers from 244 to 5,000+ in 2 years
  • Grew Facebook followers from 621 to 8,800+ in 2 years
  • Captured over 9,300 views on YouTube for product video

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Hiring NOVEL and making the investment was well worth it and we wish we'd have done it sooner as this has freed up our time to focus on other key projects for growing our business. Our social media pages are now some of my favorite pages to visit for news and entertainment, instead of just being another 'chore' to me.

We knew that NOVEL would be the perfect fit for capturing the voice and aesthetic of our business, and they haven't let us down; their graphic work is engaging and thoughtful and their copywriting shines.