For more than four years, NOVEL has been there to provide top-tier content and social media strategy, development, and implementation for one of the country’s largest veterinarian compounding pharmacies, Diamondback Drugs. With work spanning purpose-driven, industry leading content published to the corporate blog, timely delivery of press releases, strategic consulting, all the way to social media management, we’ve loved every step we’ve taken alongside this brand, working to craft a robust online presence that speaks to the stature of the business.


  • Create ongoing editorial calendar featuring well-written industry blog posts 
  • Deliver compelling press releases that carry the weight of the brand
  • Craft ongoing social media strategy and content to build traffic and engagement

The Numbers

  • 25%+ increase YOY in website traffic due to organic search and quality content
  • Grew Facebook followers from 1,800 to 6,100+ in 3 years

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