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4 Rules to Consider When Building Out Your Social Media Presence

4 Rules to Consider When Building Out Your Social Media Presence

We Live in the Age of Social… for Now

For businesses that are brand new, getting established online can be a daunting experience. And it doesn’t get that much easier for older businesses that are only just beginning to engage with an audience online. And last, if you’ve had an active presence but you don’t quite know how to take your brand to the next level, yet again, social media looks a lot like a puzzle that’s really tough to figure out.

But it isn’t. After all, the real world analogues are there to be learned from, and well worth paying attention to.

For example, if there are several different types of places where a person can socialize and be seen — let’s say, restaurants, places of worship, bars, local organizations like Rotary Club, fraternal organizations like the Elks, charity fundraisers, gyms and fitness centers, on and on — you’d be hard pressed to have a presence in every single one of those places. Good luck having a successful relationship or even a job, given how many different directions you’d be getting pulled in all at once.

And social media? It’s really no different. Read on for a few clues as to how to build out your brand’s social media presence.

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