3rd i: Website Design #2

There’s no business like repeat business. Because the Internet is constantly evolving, a brand’s web presence can become outdated over time. But when you’re working at the leading edge of technology in the field of quality control, having an outdated website is a hard sell for new clients.

We worked with 3rd i, a QC specialist located in Culver City, CA, a few years ago to bring their website up to date. Several years later, they came back to us for another facelift, asking for the website to project their years of expertise in the field, together with all the qualities that make their business so unique.

3rd i website colors
3rd i qc website page


3rd i wanted something brand new, but something that also harkened back to a past where movies were the kings of entertainment. And we had to figure out how to show that the business’s core competency — quality control — could apply to many different types of media, not just the consumer market for Blu-ray and DVD.

Keep it simple, but clearly depict everything that 3rd i specializes in. Given that the company deals in cutting edge technology, everything on the site had to straddle the line between the producers on one end, and the consumers on the other.


“We had a clunky, outdated website that needed serious upgrading to reflect our position in the relatively obscure niche of 3rd party quality control of optical and digital home entertainment releases for our studio clients.

We presented a concept of a website that revolved around our identity as Experiencialists. Because this is a word that most people are not familiar with, though it is powerful in meaning, we knew the challenge was great. In the end, the resulting website and ad copy reflected the concept, and the job far exceeded our expectations.

The first comment to come from existing and prospective clients is, ‘I really like your website…’ Can a client ask for more than that?”

— Al Limon, Owner and Founder of 3rd i


3rd i quality control culver city