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Sometimes, your business outgrows your brand. And that’s exactly what happened to Portland’s local print shop, PDX Quick Print. Considering the scale of the services the company offered, the company leadership ultimately decided that a complete brand overhaul was necessary to successfully convey what the business does: complete design, marketing and printing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We were brought in from the start, to help architect the new brand, one that would tell the story of a modern print shop, guided by traditional values. From photography to messaging, we put the pieces in place to get the new East Side Printing Co. off and running.

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Portland’s East Side Printing Co. (formerly PDX Quick Print) is more than just a quick copy shop, but the old company name was holding them back from telling that story. It’s not easy to pull off a rebrand after being in business for several years, but sometimes, that’s just what needs to happen in order to foster growth. We worked with the business owner to develop a new name for the business, as well as all of the ancillary materials that conspire to create a brand.


From soup to nuts, we worked with Randy Drullinger at East Side Printing Co. to understand the complete project scope. New company name, logo and all branding elements were strategically conceived and developed. From the new brand language came the new website, social media platforms, and monthly content development that included social media outreach and newsletter marketing, to extend the company’s reach.

East Side Printing Co.: Cradle to Grave

The East Side Printing Co. re-branding and web development project never felt like an uphill battle, or dreaming the impossible dream, because of the age-old truism: first you plan the work, and then you work the plan.

With plenty of front-loaded analysis, strategy, and conceptualization, we were able to help East Side Printing Co. achieve what they had set out to do: create a new brand image that made sense for what the company had become, and what they wanted their clientele to know about them.

More than just a quick copy shop, East Side Printing Co. works like an extra addition to a business’s marketing team, offering valuable expertise and thoughtful assistance to any project.

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It just doesn’t matter how much effort your project requires — we’re on it. From a complete rebrand to minimal copywriting, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re after, each and every time.

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Sometimes, what you really want to do is just focus on running your business. Let us work the details of your project, keeping things organized and on track while you do what you do best.

in the trenches


Once the rebrand is complete… then what? Marketing, that’s what. No matter where we begin your project, we’ll be with you through the whole process. And if there’s something we can’t do, we’ll find you the right partner.