For Men Magazine: Web Design & Build

Sometimes, the job you do and the projects you dream about don’t necessarily line up. When the principals behind a major domain ownership company came to us to help them realize a long-overdue dream of a website, we took our years of expertise developing online magazines and got to work.

The goal from an editorial perspective was to develop content that was informative, unique, helpful, and personality-filled, all for the 40-plus man who is interested in physical fitness, grooming, and living an on-the-go lifestyle. But first, we needed a container into which tons of great, original content could fit.

for men design


Starting from scratch can be a good and a bad thing. On the plus side, you’ve got tons of creative freedom to build something unique and interesting. On the negative side, finding that sweet spot where you’re happy with what you’ve built — AND you’ve delivered exactly what the client was imagining, can be a big challenge.

With For Men, we started from the ground up and stuck to an incredibly tight schedule of about 6 weeks. We had four content categories, a name, and the idea that the site needed to look familiar, like other men’s magazines out there online, but it needed to be its own special animal, too.

We developed a streamlined logo that was sophisticated yet simple, and then researched the heck out of the competition. In the end, the website that we created did exactly what it needed to do: keep great, informative content well organized in a professional-looking manner, with images and advertising combining to create a truly focused user experience.

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