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Many successful companies that have been around for several years find that after a while, their marketing materials no longer perfectly tell their story. In time, procedures become more modernized, new services are added, and technology evolves. When this happens, the first place to dramatically show its age is typically the website. So a complete overhaul, from the standpoint of both design and content, is often demanded.

When power cleaning industry giants Scotts Pressure Wash found themselves in this exact situation, we were called in to take the complex industry-focused language, and make it human again. Describing technical processes like dry ice blasting in a way that sounds rich and understandable is certainly not easy, but well worth the challenge.

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With more than fifty years of industry experience, Scotts Pressure Wash wanted to convey the message of value that lives at the core of all the services they offer. We stressed the breadth of their mobile units, their extensive coverage across Canada with seven locations, and an industry-leading commitment to the environment, in order to tell the Scotts Pressure Wash story.


The challenge was to come in to the project after all of the initial diligence had been performed, and to absorb the entirety of those details rapidly. Then, we had to generate copy for every page of the site. From short, punchy landing page copy to complete company history and mission statement language, we completed the job on time for our partners and lead on the project (Synotac), and were an integral part of a very successful website overhaul.

Scotts Pressure Wash: No Vertical Too Foreign

The Scotts Pressure Wash content development project is a true lesson in just how adept our copywriting team is at translating the message of a company, regardless of our specific experience with their offerings.

Though none of us can truly say we’ve ever pressure washed a big rig in a giant industrial bay in one of Canada’s provinces, you’d never know the difference from reading through the site’s copy.

As always, these projects are collaborative in spirit, and the client is there to lead the way, letting us know when we’ve hit the mark.

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