<h1>Corporate California: Website Design & Build</h1>
<span style=”color: #888888;”>Corporate California had an online presence before we got the project, but things were clunky, outdated, and didn’t function as they were supposed to. The point of the site was to allow small business owners to incorporate their brand within the state of their choosing, all with tools that were easy to understand and ultra accessible.

<span style=”color: #888888;”>Again, we worked within a very tight time frame to deliver the results that the client was looking for. Combining professional looking, simplified design with elegant solutions to a few complex programming challenges, we gave the client a great looking site that could be built scaled up to occupy the many domains they had under ownership.

corporate california website design

The team behind Corporate California knew they wanted to create a hands-off experience for themselves with the website, so we had to make things easy and thorough enough to allow their end users to jump on the site, and follow the entire process of incorporation through from start to finish.

We designed a fully functional products table that allowed their users to roll over individual menu items to learn more about what they were looking at. Items could be purchased and added to a subtotal that combined ala carte pieces with more complete packages. Totaling the amount via a very complex order form was a true challenge — remember, each of the fifty states features different incorporation details, prices and fees, and we had to account for all of it.

In the end, we handed over a clean, easy to use website that would allow them the client’s users to remain engaged through the sales funnel, building off-site landing pages to incorporate future PPC campaigns, as well.

corporate california website
corporate ca landing page design